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"Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry provides opportunities for Christ centered spiritual growth, leadership development, and outreach in god's great northwoods"-VLM Mission Statement

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry

Paddle Building Retreat



January 14-16 Paddle Building Retreat at Camp Vermilion. Cost is $250 and includes all materials to make a bent shaft canoe
paddle or stand up paddle board paddle, meals, and lodging for the weekend.


Family Camp 2021

Family camp is a special week where families of all types gather to play and worship in community together.  Our final campfire of the week, we were able to share highlights about camp.  Some of the sentiments were "Camp is a place to always come back to", Camp is a second home", I love swimming and playing games".  Camp truly is a sacred space; I am so glad that Zion was able to honor that space by sending staff and families!  I eagerly await next year's family camp and hope to bring more families of all ages from Zion.  ~Katie Anderson, Director of Faith Formation

VLM Fall Work Days

Camp Hiawatha-September 18th, 2021

Camp Vermilion-September 25th, 2021

Zion is a member congregation, has agreed to sponsor a cabin and sends youth and families to both camps for various programs.  Please consider using your time and talents to help further the ministries of this sacred place!

Northwoods Retreats

Interested in a retreat to camp? Check out Northwoods Retreats!

Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion offer meeting space, overnight accommodations and food service.  This allows you to focus on the work at hand-be it a continuing education gathering, business meeting, crafting getaway, family reunion or fishing weekend.  Let VLM staff take care of the details.

For more information or to book your retreat today visit:

How Do I learn more about camp?

Zion is blessed to have three staff members intimately familiar with Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry. Cari Terrio-Johnson, Office Admin, is a longtime supporter and camp parent. Katie Anderson, Director of Faith Formation, is a 4-year alumni of camp, having worked in-camp at both sites as well as Day Camps and as a canoe guide. Pastor CJ was recently elected to the VLM board of directors. We would all be able to share stories, answer questions and fill you with the spirit of camp!

Upcoming Events

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