Children & Families

For our younger children and families, to be notified of any events or changes of events, please contact Katie on how to receive text notifications.  This applies to our 0-4th grade youth.

Music Faith Formation Program

Please join us every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, beginning
October 10
th, for some music faith formation!

  •  Programming will be geared to ages 5-12, but younger youth are welcome at parents’ discretion.
  •  Each 2nd Sunday of the month music faith formation will be held outdoors. We will NOT have outdoor programming if it is pouring rain, a severe storm, or below 0 degrees out. Please be sure to dress accordingly!
  •  Every 4th Sunday of the month music Faith Formation will be held indoors in the sanctuary.
  •  Each week, regardless of location, we will gather at 10:45am after worship. We will read a bible story together, then sing some songs! Parents/guardians welcome to participate. We ask that youth under age 5 are accompanied by a guardian (parents or other older youth/adults). We will wrap up the experience no later than 11:15am.


Fall Fun Day 2021

We had pumpkin bowling, crafts, photo booth, lawn games, fire with s'mores and so much more.  Check out the pictures below to see more of the fun!

Sunday Worship Experiences for Younger Members


  •  The Prayground is a child and adult-friendly space available in the front left of the Sanctuary for parents and their younger children to see, hear, and engage in worship, while meeting
    the needs of littles!
  •  Youth are invited to grab a Kid’s Celebrate Bulletin and/or Word Search to participate more actively in Sunday morning worship!
  •  Activity Bags are available in the Narthex for younger members to engage with during the service. Please feel free to grab one! We ask you put it back in good condition.  Please place the bag in the designated bin near the activity bag rack after EVERY use.  It will be cleaned weekly.
  •  Musical Instruments are available as you enter the sanctuary. Youth (and the young at heart) are invited to take an
    instrument and join in during hymns!

Family VBS

On June 14th and June 16th,  Zion hosted their first family VBS.  These two nights were filled with food, fun, games and laughter.  Check out the picture gallery below to share along with the fun!


As you approach the front of the Sanctuary, you’ll find this dedicated space along the wall to the left of the pulpit. There’s a pew for caregivers to sit on, a plush blue rug with a small wooden table, and a shelf with soft toys to help keep little ones (ages 0 – 5 years) occupied. If you see a family with young children at church, greet them and introduce yourself. Point out the PrayGround up front and invite them to try it out.  Offer to sit with them so that they’re not alone as they navigate the Worship Service.

If you know a family with young children, invite them to come to church with you. Talk about why you’re excited for the upcoming Worship Service and share that we have a PrayGround that would be a perfect place for them to sit together as a family.



Children & Family Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...