Hunger and Justice

Over the past few years, we have raised awareness and provided opportunities for Community and Zion members to respond to local and global needs for “daily bread.”

  • We have raised money to send ELCA “Good Gifts;” farm animals, community gardens, fish ponds, and more overseas.
  •  One year our “Walk for Water,” to the St. Louis River and back, raised money for 3 village wells.
  •  Regularly, we have arranged meal serving at the Union Gospel Mission, encouraged bell ringing and support for the Salvation Army, and held meetings to discuss Amnesty International, the synod Immersion Trip to El Paso and Juarez, a medical mission in Haiti, etc.
  •  The picture above recalls one of our several evenings at Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College where members of the church prepared soup or chili and sides, and served a meal for students in their dormitory. 
  • Our committee is eager to expand our membership and involvement.  We are grateful for the recent involvement and contributions of Pastor CJ Boettcher and family and Zion’s Youth and Family minister, Katie Anderson

Fill the Pantry

Our Little Food Pantry outside by the street is in need of groceries.  We have received a Thrivent
Action Team grant of $250 to be spent on food .  It is given with the challenge to  you, as the
congregation, to match that in food or funds. Let us rise to this challenge in the next month in order to keep  the Little Food Pantry stocked for those in need who are hungry. 


As we give to those who are hungry, let us remember that not everyone has access to the items we do in preparation for meals. 
Below are ideas:

Oatmeal-individual cups or packages

Granola and or protein bars


Peanut butter

Canned meat such as chicken and tuna (if possible in pull off tops)


Mac & Cheese cups

Fruit cups

Applesauce in plastic containers

Soups in cups (just water needed)

Dried/canned soups (if possible in cans that don’t need a
can opener)

Any other non perishable food NOT in glass containers!


NEW Hunger and Justice Books

Thanks to action dollars from Thrivent, the Hunger and Justice committee was able to purchase new books for our library.  They are in the Narthex and are available for check out.  There are three categories for age groups.  If you are interested in helping our library grow even more, please see the book check out tags on the cart.  We have provided you with more titles that you can either purchase of donate money towards purchase.  Thank you!

Free Little Food Pantry

Thank you to the Hunger and Justice Committee and Tony A. for the new pantry on our property.  As members of the Zion community, we will be looking for help keeping the pantry stocked and maintained.  You can participate by bringing non-perishable food to the church and placing in the cart in the Narthex, filling the pantry yourself or by volunteering to be a pantry monitor.  Please contact the office with any questions!

Fon Du Lac Tribal and Community College

During the school year, the Hunger and Justice committee serves meals to our neighbors at the Fon du lLac Tribal and Community College.  If you are interested in  providing a meal or a similar outreach, please reach out to the Hunger and Justice Committee via the church office.

Border Mission Trip

Tom and Jane Anderson's trip to the border, January 2020.  Read their story here:Border_trip_story.pdf

Border Mission Trip

Please enjoy the video below of members Tom and Jane Anderson on their trip to the border in January 2020.


Upcoming Events

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